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With a passion for all things creative and an eye for design (plus years of experience), you can rely on me to whip your branding, marketing material and website into shape and show off what you do best.

I have a proven ability to meet deadlines, set budgets (and stick to them) and come up with new and interesting design ideas to suit the current market. I also have an excellent track record of achieving results and implementing new strategies that contribute substantial profits and add value to my clients’ businesses.

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I work on a wide variety of design projects including corporate branding, brand redesigns, websites, email marketing, catalogues, brochures, exhibition stands and bespoke wedding stationery. However, I am always willing to take on new challenges and would relish the opportunity to take on any brief that is sent my way.

I love to create original and powerful ideas that will be believed, embraced and encouraged by people in their everyday lives. However, these ideas are always driven by a desire to achieve a solution that combines effective design, creativity, functionality and sales within any given market place. I work alongside local and national companies as well as creative agencies to deliver top results. No matter the distance, I have been able to produce positive outcomes for each and every client.

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Bringing ideas to fruition

Not-for-profit Organisations

Whether it is money, time or a skill, we can all give something back. I strongly believe everybody has something to offer to those less fortunate, and I endeavour to contribute wherever and whenever possible.

I dedicate time each week to do not-for-profit work. This could be something as simple as a flyer, a website banner or poster to a longer period of weeks or months working on larger scale projects. This may be revamping an organisation’s branding, designing a new website or creating a captivating brochure.

So if you’re a not-for-profit organisation and would like a helping hand with some free design work, then please do not hesitate to get in touch. Send me an email with information about your cause and what work you need doing and we will get you scheduled in!

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Why work with a Freelancer

By working with a freelance graphic and web designer, you can make considerable savings. Not only can you save money, but by working directly with me, you can save valuable time. This means that you and I will be communicating and working alongside each other instead of having to deal with a middleman. When we work on a project together, it will be completed quickly and in the most efficient way possible.

My aim is to provide all clients with one-to-one, personal and friendly customer service with clear communication, promoting a strong, long-term relationship. Plus, I always strive to go above and beyond what you might expect from a larger graphic or web design agency. The most important part of this process is getting to know you and your brand in as much detail as possible. We’ll meet in person (ideally) or talk on the phone in depth so I can fully understand your organisation, its market and share your vision for your brand. We will then formulate a brief, budget and timescale. Get in contact today to get the ball rolling on a project.

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